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Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park Chula Vista

Bayfront Park - Chula Vista
This is the scene along the coastal land in Chula Vista's Bayfront Park. So many residents and visitors to the area have vision in their mind of how this looks now and cannot really imagine how it will change outside of some artist renderings.

While the Chula Vista City Press Relations office woud have us believe progress is being made on any initiatives the Mayor makes public, the residents of Chula Vista have adopted a wait and see attitude. The current administration is really about inaction. Cheryl Cox (R) has been in office since 2006. It is now 2013 and a lot of self promotion from her press relations people she has done nothing significant.

The picture below would have been a Gaylord Convention Center designed around smaller groups and taking business away from the Port of San Diego's Center which design wise if far too big a space for many business and trade shows. It would have provided jobs to residence and income to the city perhaps at a time when it was needed.





bayfront park chula vista

If I ever see the Chula Vista bayfront enhanced to the artist renderings in the span of the current administration's term I would won't believe my eyes.