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Sky Zone San Diego Indoor Trampoline Park Chula Vista

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Kids and adults alike can spend some hours having a great time at the Sky Zone San Diego Indoor Trampoline Park. For all those adults like myself that have forgotten the value of a good bounce, let me tell you, you can still do this and you should do this. In the picture above you can see blue surrounding the trampolines, this prevents jumps from falling between the cracks and gives the jumpers a feel of a full contiguous jumping surface. These dividers also serve to separate jumpers as needed.

In addition to traditional jumping, jumpers can engage in a variety of other jumping sport such as jump basketball. Pictured here is the basketball jump runway! So if you want to FEEL the way Michael Jordan did or other famous superstars of basketball, you can bounce your way to a slam dunk even if you are carrying a spare tire! Sooo easy....

sky zone Chula Vista Basketball Jump
So what is this person doing exactly? This is a creative use of the side trampolines at Sky Zone. Traditional trampolining limited jumpers to the bouncy planar surface but this is now considered old school. This person hits the side tramp and pulls off a back flip.

You can visit Sky Zone in Chula Vista at the address below.
851 Showroom Pl #100

Chula Vista, CA 91914

Chula Vista Map