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Bayfront Park Chula Vista Progress

Bayfront Park – Chula Vista
This is the scene along the coastal land in Chula Vista’s Bayfront Park. So many residents and visitors to the area have the vision in their minds of how this looks now and cannot really imagine how it will change outside of some artist renderings.

History of this page
While the Chula Vista City Press Relations office would have us believe progress is being made on any initiatives the Mayor makes public, the residents of Chula Vista have adopted a wait and see attitude. The former city leadership is really about inaction. During the Cheryl Cox (R) reign, in  2006 no construction began. She did work hard to make the Gaylord project a reality but failed in what appeared to be a negotiation with local labor unions, an issue at the time that may not have been a requirement according to the developer Gaylord. 

It is now 2018 and under Mary Salas there is more movement and renderings.

It’s now 2020 and before COVID-19 hit, under the city Mayor, Mary Salas, this project saw significant progress and movement forward. How is it possible that this project sat for years when finally Chula Vista gets a quality manager that has a lifetime of leadership in public service, the project actually moves forward? It reminds of back in the day when Steve Padilla finished the deal on the Chula Vista Amphitheatre. Yes, he gets credit.