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If you are looking for California real estate in the San Diego area, look no farther than Chula Vista!

With many neighborhoods to pick from, you are bound to find the one that is right for you and your family. Known for being a sunny area and having many amenities, Chula Vista will have something to please everyone in the family. Some of the best neighborhoods to check out include Rolling Hills Ranch, Eastlake Greens, and Otay Ranch. One great thing that these locations all have in common is great weather! The average temperature is never too hot or too cold so it is comfortable year round. It is never very windy and precipitation is minimal. You will see more comfortable, sunny days than cloudy and rainy days. All locations are also quite expensive for living and housing, however most have good employment rates. If you are looking for the perfect place to move with many things to do nearby and great weather, check out Chula Vista, California!

Otay Ranch Real Estate

Rolling Hills Ranch

Ranked at the top of all neighborhoods in Chula Vista, Rolling Hills Ranch is a great place to live. The housing market is one of the best in the area and they have an exceptionally low crime rate. If you have kids, you will be pleased to know that the schools in this neighborhood score higher than the national average. Many high school graduates in this area also go on to college for a Bachelor’s Degree. Rolling Hills Ranch is a good town if you prefer the “small town” feel. They do not have a high population compared to other locations. Most adults in this area are married and people of all ages live in this area. More people here own their homes instead of renting. Utilities are almost never included if you are looking to rent in this area. When looking for something to do, you may have to visit a larger area.

Eastlake Greens

If you prefer to live in a larger area, Estlake Greens may be more along the lines of what you are looking for. This location has many more things to do! They have parks to visit, coffee shops, and multiple different places to shop. Also nearby is the Otay Ranch Town Center which offers everything from food to shopping and everything in between! You would have no trouble finding a job in this town as they have a very low unemployment rate compared to national average. The income rate is also higher than national average! Being close to the highway, you can get to other places quickly. This area has a large variety of people of all ages. Most workers in this area work full time jobs. Utilities offered in most homes are gas powered.

Otay Ranch

While not by a lot, the cost of living in this location is cheaper than the others. Otay Ranch has a good location that is near water and the highway. They also offer many shopping options and activities to interest people. Atlantis Laser Tag is one popular attraction in the area. It’s known for being the largest multi-level arena in the area! Otay Ranch also offers a good housing market as well as good employment opportunities. This location is safe and has a lower crime rate than most places in California. Most people who live here are married Hispanic or Latino couples with older children. You have a better chance of finding a home in this area since homes in other areas are for rent or sale seasonally.

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