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City Offices Phone Numbers

DepartmentPhone Number
City of Chula Vista Animal Control 619-691-5123
Budget and Analysis
The Office of Budget and Analysis (OBA), is responsible for coordinating, preparing and presenting the City’s operating budget. The budget provides an overview of the fiscal and operational status of the City; highlighting policy issues, decisions and proposed changes in service levels.
City Attorney
The City Attorney’s Office mission is to provide legal advice and support to the Mayor and City Council, City departments, and City boards and commissions; represent the City before judicial and administrative agencies in civil litigation proceedings; and prosecute a misdemeanor violations of the Chula Vista Municipal Code.
City Clerk
The City Clerk’s Office is committed to accurately recording and preserving the actions of the legislative bodies; safeguarding vital, historic and permanent records of the City; providing information and support to the City Council, City Staff, and the general public in a timely, courteous and fiscally responsible manner; and administering open and free elections in accordance with statutory requirements.
City Council
The City of Chula Vista is committed to build and nurture a progressive and cohesive community which values our diversity, respects our citizens, honors our legacy, and embraces the opportunities of the future.
Mayor’s Office
The mayor performs all the functions and exercises all powers and rights of a city council member. His mayoral duties include: serving as the city’s official representative at political and ceremonial functions, interpreting policies and programs to city residents, signing legal documents and delivering the annual State of the City address. In emergency situations the mayor may be empowered by the city council to assume command of emergency personnel. The mayor’s position is full-time. City council members are part-time elected officials.
(619) 691-5044
Email the Mayor
City Manager
This office provides the leadership and supervision that, in turn, implements the policies and decisions of the Chula Vista City Council; thereby ensuring the delivery of services to our community. Please visit the City Organizational Chart to review the reporting relationship of individual departments to the administrators within the City Manager’s staff.
Communications and Media Relations619-691-5296
Community Development619-691-5047
Conservation and Environmental Services619-691-5122
Our mission is to advance the public’s growth, safety, and quality of life by ensuring reliable and well-managed infrastructure through professional services.  To that end, the Engineering Department plans, secures financing, and manages the performance of basic amenities such as City streets, pavement, traffic signals, streetlights, and the City’s extensive storm water and wastewater systems.
The primary functions of the Finance Department are to administer the City’s financial affairs, supervise the disbursements of all monies, manage all fiscal systems, collect and record all revenues, assist in the preparation of the citywide budget, manage all investments and borrowing, and provide centralized procurement services to all City departments.
General Services 619-397-6220
Serving our city and communities with many locations and a quality of service we should all be proud of.
Nature Center 619-409-5900
Planning and Building (Building Division) 619-691-5272
Planning and Building (Planning Division) 619-691-5101
Police 619-691-5151
Public Works Operations 619-397-6000
Purchasing 619-691-5141
Recreation 619-409-5979
Special Events Hotline 619-585-5682



City of Chula Vista Human Resources
Human Resources
The Human Resources Department is committed to providing superior services to employees, departments and the public, to ensure an informed, quality work force and community, while treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.
Job Hotline619-691-5095


City of Chula Vista Emergency Phone Numbers
Fire 619-691-5055
Police 619-691-5151
911 – Always use 911 in an emergency 911