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Appreciation for nurses in the fight against COVID-19

May 6 is National Nurses Day. It’s not a new observance, but this year, it takes on added significance, because of the millions of nurses who have joined the fight against COVID-19

A noisy caravan was organized today as a tribute to the nurses who work for Saint Paul’s Senior Services. The parade of cars began in Chula Vista and traveled to downtown San Diego, pausing at five senior living communities and health clinics to honor the nurses who care for Saint Paul’s elderly residents and patients.

The parade also made stops to honor the nurses working at Sharp Rees-Stealy facilities in Chula Vista and Otay Ranch.

Around the nation and around the world, nurses are being called to take on the enormous task of caring for the millions of people who are infected with the coronavirus.

We spoke by phone to the Vice President of Nursing Operations at Scripps Health. Mary Ellen Doyle says that nurses and the rest of their care team feel the emotional impacts of working in hospitals where the number of coronavirus deaths keeps rising.

Fortunately, Scripps and other health care systems in San Diego County have not been deluged with a wave of COVID-19 patients. Doyle said there has not been a shortage of beds, equipment of staff at Scripps Health.

In the meantime, the warriors in scrubs and face masks keep their vigilance, gearing up every day, to fight for our health and safety.

“I think a genuine ‘thank you for everything you do everyday; we know you make sacrifices and we know your family makes sacrifices to have you here,” and that actually nurses respond to that,’ Doyle said.

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