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The health and well-being of Chula Vista residents, visitors, and employees during the COVID-19 outbreak remains our top priority. The City of Chula Vista is coordinating with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency/Public Health Services department and other agencies to take measures to monitor and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a global pandemic.
The City has proclaimed a local emergency which authorizes the City Manager to implement all actions necessary to ensure the safety of City residents, employees and the communities we serve.
Following are additional actions taken and underway in the City of Chula Vista to address this public health emergency:
  • The California Governor has called for the cancellation or postponement of all public events of 250 people or more. The County of San Diego Public Health Officer has issued a Public Health Order in support of the governor’s directive. The City of Chula Vista is implementing this directive effective immediately. Information on event cancellations can be found here .
  • Effective March 14 to April 5 timeframe, all public events attracting more than 250 participants are to be cancelled in the City of Chula Vista including private and public events, races and sporting events, banquets, conferences and social gatherings.
  • Also effective March 14 to April 5, all City libraries and recreation centers will be closed and any activities cancelled. This closure includes cancellation of youth and adult sports held at local parks/fields. This date could be extended as more information is received.
  • The Fire Department has implemented first responders’ protocols for responding to calls for service related to COVID-19 by providing personal protective equipment (PPE), and implementing exposure reporting, monitoring/quarantine, and decontamination practices.
  • Police patrol units and City Park Rangers have been provided PPE.
  • The Fire Department has coordinated with the County of San Diego to install 15 handwashing stations throughout the City. Location information is posted here.
  • In City facilities that remain open to the public, the City has increased cleaning for high traffic, high touch areas, including common areas, public restrooms, and front counters.
  • Sanitation supplies have been provided to wipe down front counters and other areas as frequently as possible or necessary.
  • The City is cancelling all remaining Board and Commission meetings in March.
  • The March 17 City Council meeting will be held as scheduled. Social distance protocols will be implemented (maintaining a distance of approximately six feet from others when possible). To provide an opportunity for public comment at this meeting, public comments for items not on the agenda and for specific agenda items may be submitted via this link and all comments will be distributed to City Council members at the meeting.
The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, and we learn more about the virus every day. We will continue to provide updates to keep you and our community as safe as possible and we will assist you in complying with these new policies with the least disruption to your everyday activities. Please visit for the latest information and resources on COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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